New Civic Paths and a Public Sphere of the Imagination: Article out Now


New Civic Paths and a Public Sphere of the Imagination: The Civic Imagination Project

Paulina Lanz, Tyler Quick, Mehitabel Glenhaber, Joan Miller, Ioana Mischie, Khaliah Peterson-Reed, Becky Pham, Steven Proudfoot et Paromita Sengupta

For a decade, our Civic Paths research team at the University of Southern California has sought to increase civic engagement through discourses of popular culture. In this article, we detail the theory and methodology informing the practice we call the civic imagination, which we define as “the capacity to imagine alternatives to current cultural, social, political, or economic conditions” (Jenkins, Peters-Lazaro, & Shresthova, 2020). Through critical reading and collective world building practices, we have worked with groups ranging from churches to colleges to build solidarity and articulate visions of social justice. Here, we share our best practices with you.

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