On Boycotts and Buycotts: in our PDF readers

Here is a selection from what some of us are reading this week. Thoughts?

Michele Micheletti (2002). Consumer Choice as Political Participation. Statsvetenskaplig Tidskrift. 105 (3).

Dietlind Stolle and Michele Micheletti (2005). Politics in the Supermarket: Political Consumerism as a Form of Political Participation. International Political Science Review, 26 (3).

Richard A. Hawkins (2010). Boycotts, buycotts and consumer activism in a global context: An overview. Management & Organizational History, 5 (2).

Michele Micheletti and Dietlind Stolle (2008). Fashioning Social Justice through Political Consumerism, Capitalism, and the Internet. 22 (5).


  1. Are you observing any of these buycott/boycott efforts in dealing with BP? Do you have a sense of how they are organized? I heard on the news today that BP will subsidize it’s gas stations that are suffering due to leak related boycotts.

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