Civic Paths Presents Dreaming Wakanda: Black Panther and the Civic Imagination


wallpaper image of black panther comic book character lunging from a tree in lush green forest

Flickr user Bryan Ward gives us a glimpse of Black Panther in action

Marvel’s 2018 smash hit Black Panther (2018) has seen unprecedented success for any film, but as both a genre film and a film starring and staffed predominantly by africans and african-americans, it is practically revolutionary. Even more impressive, perhaps, are the conversations and cultural work arising in response to the film, whether it be critical scholarly essays and op-eds to amazing fanart works that transcend the limits of the film itself and set the whole of Wakanda and its people into modern contexts.

At Civic Paths we love to see this kind of creative thinking and we want to both encourage it and move it forward with scholarly insights and broad inputs from people regardless of age or expertise. We also recognize that critical dialogue takes many forms and we are eager to see a diversity of work. Thus, we are announcing a call for projects related to Black Panther and the Civic Imagination.

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